Friday, September 21, 2012

not bullied

posted by Sherry Carr. AND I WANTED TO SHARE
Chris was not bullied and called names. He was well loved and respected by all who knew him. The bullying claim is a rumor passed around and propagated by those who do not know including the news channels that helped to spread this rumor to increase viewer interest. One channel has now sent an apology letter to the district that they aired a story with out finding out any of the facts because they wanted it to hit the air so quickly that they did not check out the facts. That is called sensationalism and whether their faux facts hurt anyone or not they do not care. Talk to Chris' friends, his family, his teachers they will tell you what a remarkable young man Chris truly was and how well thought of and beloved he was. Gossip is often more intriguing for some than actual truth. Praise Chris for the terrific young man he was, but do not ridicule his memory by making it sound like he fell prey to mean-spirited students. Do not degrade his family, his friends, his teachers and his school like we would have let harassment go on unattended. The issues that moved Chris to this unfathomable end of his life are far more scary than even bullying. It should make every parent's hair stand on end because we don't know why Chris took this path. Right now there are no indicators to family and friends of why this happened. It would actually be better if we could blame a bully for we would have someone, some thing to attack and hurl our anger at. But no bully means we have to continually look deeper into why a handsome, bright, happy, well-loved kid would make such a misguided, rash decision in one particular moment, on one particular day to such a fatal end. We can't figure it out and it scares us even more because if this caliber of young person with such a bright present and even brighter future felt such a horrific moment of despair can we be comfortable that we know our own children as well as we think we do. I hope one day that it will come to the surface why Chris chose this path for all of us that keep asking ourselves "why", but especially for his family. I was deeply touched by Chris, all the wonderful things people have said I saw in him. I cared for him. He could make others feel special and that was one of the many things that made him so special. Heavens gain is truly our loss. He will always be remembered, missed, and beloved.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kolby's 8th Birthday Adventure

we took Kolby to Disneyland for the first time when he turned 6 and he loved it. He loved the roller rosters, which i was excited about because i am not a kiddy ride person. our oldest was not a roller coster kid when he was younger. because Kolby couldn't go on all the rides when he was 6 due to not being tall enough, we told him we would return when he was able to go on "all" the rides. well, he remembered that and we owned up to it and planned another Disneyland Birthday =)
Kolby was so cute and nervous about ridding on Space Mountain for our first ride of the day because i pre-warned him it would be dark inside. he isn't a big fan of the dark. He loved it! although you can't tell from this photo. Auston was so funny in all the photos, acting like he wasn't having fun, lol.
we then rode the buzzlighter ride, which ended with Auston being the winner, followed by Daniel, Me and then Birthday Boy. then another favorite Star Tours, it was a new 3d show and was AWESOME!
next we were off to the Matterhorn. not a favorite of mine, its fast but really jerky. Kolby loved it =) the lines were so short all day long. it was the perfect day to go. we had rain on and off all day, some not so awesome mugginess but all in all perfect =) Kolby really wanted to ride Indiana Jones, but it was closed till winter =( so we did our favorite classic, Pirates of the Caribbean!
Then Splash Mountain.
from there to Thunder Mountain & Toad's Wild Ride (a request by Auston). After that we were off to the california side. straight to California Screamin! which the photo was changed before we made it to the kiosk to look at =( Kolby loved his first loop ride. and then off to another ride we went. Toy Story, I won!
it was so muggy that i said, lets ride the little mermaid. the boys weren't happy. the only good thing about that ride was that it was cool inside. we then tried to go and ride the Radiator Springs Racer ride but it was closed =( and when we went back later it was a 75 minute wait (i don't think so) we will do that on the next trip, next year, maybe. we rode Soarin Over California, we all love that one. Then a nervous Kolby said it was time to ride The Tower of Terror! as we stood in line Kolbys heart was pounding because again i warned him it was a dark ride at times and we would be dropping and rising fast on a elevator. he wanted to do it, i was so proud of him. there was only 6 of us on the ride and the hosetess was really nice to Kolby on explaining it was safe and fun. after the ride Kolby said "I don't ever want to do that again" Awwww, poor kid was SCARED!
After our adventure on the California side we headed back to Disneyland =) riding Space Mountain again and then shopping for our goodies before we headed home. It was a great day and much fun was had by all =) so glad we all took the day off and took a much needed break from it all for the celebration of Kolby's birthday! Kolby was also blessed by text messages all day wishing him a happy birthday from family and friends!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

what i made today

I got this idea and copied it off of Pinterest. I love it! I had a t-shirt in my closet that i didn't want to throw away because but, i couldn't wear either because it had a large bleach spot on it =) i am so glad i found a use for it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bowman Family Reunion

every other summer my dad's side of the family has a reunion trip. we have gone to a KOA in Cascade Locks Oregon, rented a huge house in Palm Desert CA, a KOA in Durango Colorado, rented a beautiful home in Idaho and now Sunset Bay State Park, Oregon! We have had some summers with some family unable to attend.  Daniel and I missed the first trip to Oregon, due to me being pregnant with Kolby. Auston went with my dad and had a blast.  the house in Palm Desert was fun, we had a game room, a heated pool, a boxing ring, a little golf range and a large pond with a boat. we met after Christmas.  it has been our only reunion in the winter.  Durango was a BLAST! so beautiful and we had great family time, celebrating my brother's engagement.  Idaho was another beautiful place, we traveled to Yellowstone on our way there (a must return visit). this trip to Oregon (the first since my Auntie died) was one for the books for beauty in the amazing things GOD has created for us to enjoy. we started our trip to Oregon with a few days at Clear Lake in our friends Bass Bungalow. My brother and his family met us there.  we were so blessed to spend some time with them and our niece.  she is truly a blessing to be around.  we enjoyed a day at Soda Bay, swimming & fishing.  two of the days were over 100 and hard to want to go outside.  we had no luck fishing the few days we were there.  the most relaxing day was the night before we left, the boys all tried to fish for catfish.  it was so nice outside that night we all sat on the dock and enjoyed each others company.
here is a picture we took just before we headed out towards Oregon!
on our way to Oregon we stopped in the Redwoods National Park. so beautiful. these tress are amazing. the critters were pretty cool. everything was so moist, moss on everything and just breathtaking.
the rest of our family met us at Sunset Bay State Park, Or. my dad and step mom, my aunt, uncle and cousin from Idaho. my papa bo was on his way when his RV broke down and he had to cancel his trip to meet us =( the first night there we went on a family hike to watch the sunset. let me tell you, were the pine tress meet the ocean is so gorgeous. everyday was breathtaking. our campground was in the trees and walking distance from a beautiful bay. were when the tide was in or out was always changing it's beauty. (although for some reason i didn't take a picture of our beautiful bay in all it's glory) sadness. i will get one from one of my other family members...
we took a family tour of the tide pools located just 5 minutes from us. we had a great guide and saw some awesome animals. lots of star fish (orange & purple), a sea star, a baby giant octopus, gray whales and some other animals I've never seen before or remember what they were called =) and later that day we all went to the beach to kayak, beach comb and play in the water or sand.
on wednesday we decide to take a trip to Coos Bay for their farmers market. lots of yummy fruits that we could taste and buy. we walked the boardwalk and had a nice lunch together before heading back to the campground. on thursday we all took a trip further north to the Sea Lion Caves. It was a good day for this trip, it was misty all day. our weather was in the 60s everyday and most mornings were misty but all in all perfect weather. i didn't mind wearing a jacket or long sleeve everyday while in Oregon. we had sun and those days were high 60s and gorgeous. we had dinners together every night and a campfire to go with it. hanging out laughing at each other is a must on family vacations! just perfect! on our last full day together we went to the local lake and did some fishing, kayaking and a small hike. it was bittersweet knowing we would be going our separate ways the next morning. that morning, Auston, Anj, Audrey and I went back into town and did a little shopping. we had a great time while the rest of the family took a hike to an old WWII bunker and then got a little lesson on all the different kinds of sea lions there. Saturday we all had breakfast together and some of us slowly packed up to head out. Daniel and I were the first to go, followed by my brother and dad, while my uncle and his family started their second week of vacation.
on our way home we stopped by the drive thru tree, which Kolby really enjoyed. we spent another night at the Bass Bungalow before our last stretch home. it was a reunion for the books and i can't wait for the next one.... Maybe New Mexico? 2014

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Week 15 In Flight

I loved watching these pelicans fly back and forth in different formations. there were sometimes two or three different groups that would mix then separate again. really cool. we walked along the beach and notice several cars that were "bombed" by these birds. so glad i didn't park along the street =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

about ME

i have done this before but thought it might be fun to do again. i know that i will think of different things to say since i am at a different point in my life. i am enjoying life to the fullest right now. super busy but well worth it. i am a wife, mother and now Auntie! i work both inside the house and outside of our home, i volunteer at my son's school, with the band and am on the Women's Ministry Team at my church for the 5th year in a row. i have been an Auntie for almost 7 weeks now and i am so in love with my niece. i am team mom for my son's pinto baseball team, GO CUBS! i love this job, it is so much fun hanging out with this little boys in the dug out and getting to be apart of this time in their lives. my job outside of the home is being a substitute lunch lady, i love it! it is the easiest job i have ever had and have enjoyed traveling around and working at the different schools in our district. i am a sub so i don't have to work if i don't want to =) we have 10 weeks left of this school year, wow, i can't believe it! i am looking forward to the summer with my family. so far we are going to try and make our garage more functional, fix the side yard between us and our neighbor and go on our family reunion vacation to Oregon. some random things about me, not in order. i love JESUS. i love braiding my hair different ways for work. coffee in the morning is the way to start my day (some coffee with my creamer that is). i need to read my bible more. i LOVE the rain. wearing my soft fussy socks is a must when i am hanging out at home. i don't make my hubby's lunch. i think i did for a little while but haven't in about 10 years now. we will celebrate our 14th anniversary this June. i love treating my hubby and i to starbucks. i enjoy taking the kids to get yogurt or ICEE's, just for fun. my boys are growing up so fast and i am so excited to see what GOD will do in their lives as one becomes a young adult and as he gets ready to decide where he will go to college. i LOVE family time, with my whole family. BOWMAN NIGHTS!! playing boardgames, cards & dice are a must in my home. i am spoiled by my hubby with back rubs most every night. i have neck and back pain due to..... age.... kids.... arthritis. pain free or not GOD IS GOOD! i have asthma and allergies. i am allergic to avocados, cantaloupe, nuts, bananas and i am sure theres more i can't think of right now. i love my iPhone. i love sun tea. i put my tea out on everyday. i wish that i didn't have to hide my spare tire =) it is from the foods i eat, but i don't want to watch everything i eat. for the most part i eat pretty good. we had a dog for a year, and loved her so much. since we returned her to my brother we have been missing her but aren't ready to get another dog yet. it was a great experience having a dog like her. i walked in my first 5k for a great cause and will do it again next year with my family. i watch FOX5 news every morning. i don't mind cleaning the house, doing laundry, but could do without doing the dishes or dusting. i love cooking. new recipes are so much fun for me, i get so excited to have my family taste my meals. i love handmade things. i love it when my Aunties make me things to wear or use. there has been a lot of cancer in my family. a lot of people i love have gone on to Heaven. i sometimes miss them more on random days. i am so blessed and grateful for the good and bad. i have a lot of friends (i love each and every one of them) but not a friend i talk to everyday, other than my hubby. he is my best friend. i sometimes am sad about this, i think i sometimes need this connection but, it is what it is and i can accept that =) i love my small bible study group and the connections we have with each other. they are my extended family. and i know i can call on anyone of them for any reason and they will be there with their hearts open, as i will for them. i am proud of the work my hubby does. it is awesome to see the results of his hard work. i am his #1 fan and supporters, as well as with my kids. i am amazed and humbled by the actions of others in their willingness to follow CHRIST wherever it leads them. Blessings to you all =)

Week 14 Softness

What says "softness" like a pair of baby feet? and i love these little feet that are attached to my sweet baby niece. we got to hang out with her and her momma at safari park one day over spring break. it was so delightful, she was such a good girl. our lives have been so blessed with this new venture as an Auntie and Uncle for the first time. i wish i could see her more often but, will take what i can get! Auntie LOVES you Audrey <3